DLT Formazione


DLT Formazione is, since 2016, an institution accredited by the National Orders CNAPPC, CNG and CNI. Born from the direct experience of freelancers, architects and engineers, aware that to remain protagonists in the current difficult labor market it is of fundamental importance to follow a constant training. An education that not only pursues the futile goal of accumulating compulsory training credits to overcome another year but to grow, improve and expand their skills and horizons.


The DLT Training E-Commerce illustrates and describes in detail the training offer. Site navigation is simple and intuitive and the individual course files are clear and complete.

Digital Marketing

Effective editorial plans have been made to enhance the brand in the social sphere. We have taken care of the development of visual campaigns for DLT Training , both on Facebook and on Instagram. The targeting of the ads has been studied in detail to maximize the return on investment. By combining social campaigns with targeted DEM campaigns it was possible to reach and exceed the established sales targets.

IT consulting

CRM vTiger software has been set up to automate business processes and make the course and sales process even more integrated. Tailored to customer needs, it is an integral and fundamental part of operational activity.

Web platforms

Online courses are delivered through the web application Moodle in a personalized way and adapted to the customer’s needs. We have set up an optimized server architecture to be able to deliver thousands of hours of online courses a month without incurring slowdowns and inefficiencies.


Web App
Digital Marketing

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