Boiron is a top seller in omeopatic products, food supplements, cosmetics and medic devices.

Landing Page

We devel
We have created a presentation landing page containing a contact collection form and a presentation of the brand, with an emphasis on the functionality of the portal dedicated to pharmacists.

Website with detailed tracking

The website has been developed with the ability to track every user action to identify the most appropriate marketing strategies, extrapolating data on sessions, scrolling pages, cookie choices and much more.

Dynamic articles Blog

A blog has been created with WordPress that allows the insertion of content in a simple and intuitive way even for less experienced users. The blog has been customized to add posts with different characteristics based on the type of topic dealt with thanks to the development of custom post types.


Through the MailChimp tool we managed the sending of newsletters, created with completely customized graphic and textual material. Our expertise in the use of the most popular newsletter platforms allows us to configure the automatic sending of emails at the times in which they are most effective and to receive analytical data on the interactions of recipients.

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